Eco-friendly Newsprint Containers Newspaper used to be a common way to package food so that people could eat it on the go. Many takeout restaurants and food stands needed a way of making it easier for customers to carry their food. Although the food service industry has moved away from using real newspaper, many people still like to see newspaper packaging food items. PacknWood has eco-friendly newsprint containers that you use to package your takeout orders amusing your customers with newsprint packaging.

PacknWood is a leading provider of eco-friendly restaurant supplies. Our newsprint containers collection is made out of eco-friendly paper, which is made using natural and eco-friendly materials. The paper that we use is biodegradable, microwavable, and grease resistant, making it the perfect choice for takeout orders.

Our newsprint containers come in cup, basket, and cone shapes of various sizes. The newsprint cups are available in 12 oz, 16 oz, 20 oz, and 24 oz sizes. Our cones are made of greaseproof paper, and come in sizes from 7.1 inches up to 11.8 inches. We also have newsprint baskets available in 3.5-inch, 4.3-inch, and 5.9-inch sizes. There are also two specialty containers including a taco tray and newspaper printed hot dog tray. All of these options work well for food trucks and carryout orders since they are made of sturdy and eco-friendly paper.

At PacknWood, we work hard to give you this eco-friendly restaurant supplies possible. We partner with manufacturers that use carbon-neutral manufacturing practices. That way, all of our products are better for the environment from production to disposal.

Adding newsprint containers to your takeout and delivery services is easy. Just give us a call at (201) 604-3840 or send us a message through our 24-hour chat service. Our representatives will help you find the right products from our catalog to meet your needs.

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