Cast Iron Care Instructions

Before the first use remove any labels and wash with soap and hot water

Never place hot cast iron items in cold water – allow them to cool first

Use non-abrasive utensils only (such as silicone or wood)

Always dry cast iron thoroughly before storing

Do not use scour pads or abrasive chemicals – soak in hot soapy water for resilient residues

Additional Instructions:

How to develop the patina on the surface:

Periodically season the cast iron by heating slowly and adding a high flash point oil such as sunflower oil.  Remove from heat and carefully rub the oil into the cast iron using paper towels being careful not to touch the hot cast iron with your skin.  Allow the cast iron to cool before using in food preparation.

Use Instructions:

Cast iron will develop a natural non-stick property.  Cooking oil is not necessary.

Gradually heat pans using a low or medium stove setting.

When grilling or frying make sure than pan is hot before starting.

For grilling place the oil on your food and not the pan.  This will prevent smoking.

Suitable for all stove top surfaces and ovens.  Do not drag cast iron across glass stove tops.


The handles are made from metal and will heat up along with the rest of the pan.  Always use an oven mitt/ glove when handling.

While dishwasher safe constant cleaning in the dishwasher may dull the enamel.  For best results hand wash the cast iron using non-abrasive cleaning pads.

Check handles periodically to ensure tightness to pan.

Never place hot cast iron directly on to your countertops or tables.