Ice Cream & Dessert Supplies

Unique & Functional Wood Boxes, Elegant Boxes in Bright Colors
These baking cups are grease resistant and display baked goods in a tasteful, yet...

Ice cream is one kind of dessert that you can bet will draw in the customers. Whether your customers like to eat ice cream in takeout packaging at home or at a sweet shop, everyone has their favorite flavors and preferred ways of eating it. You can make sure that their next dessert experience is worth the wait by using PacknWood’s home ice cream and sweet shop supplies to deliver a satisfying experience.

PacknWood has a collection of home ice cream and sweet shop supplies to create a unique customer experience. We have options including baking molds, windowed display boxes, hot and cold paper containers, specialty boxes, pie containers, display and serving trays, and wood travel boxes. With the right mix of our eco-friendly single use supplies, you can give customers the memorable experience that they want and that will keep them coming back for more.

At PacknWood, we can help you develop a complete customer experience using unique serving and travel containers for a more memorable presentation. Customers appreciate dessert shops that put the extra effort into all of the details, including the supplies that they interact with. We can help you create a more pleasing tactile experience by providing supplies that not only look and feel different but are also good for the environment. 

Partner with PacknWood to improve your home ice cream or sweet shop experience for customers. We have a chat system that you can reach us through 24/7. You can also reach us by phone at (201) 604-3840. Our catalog has an extensive collection of supplies that you can use at an ice cream shop, bakery, or sweets store. Let us help you find the right food service supplies for your needs.

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