Home Supplies

Every other thing that we made from plastic and considered safe to use only a few years back have been found to be harmful. More and more people want to move away from plastics and want to use natural products at home, especially in the kitchen.

Most of the Kitchen Supplies like the plates, bowls, spoons, forks, straws and glasses we use for a party are made of plastic. These kinds of plastics are non- biodegradable. When you use them with hot food, they start leaching chemicals into it.

Natural materials like cornstarch, wood, sugarcane, bamboo provide us with a great alternative for plastic. They are non-reactive to food and do not leach anything harmful. They are also biodegradable and cannot harm the environment like plastic kitchenware.

At PacknWood, our Home Supplies include, compostable cutlery made of wood, sugarcane, bamboo, cornstarch, compostable plates, skewers, bowls, paper straws, bamboo picks and holder and much more. They come in all form of shapes and sizes.

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