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One Size Fits All. Available Soon


Safety Accessories Preventing cross-contamination in the foodservice industry is one of the many processes that restaurants should address.

There are many chances to contaminate food during the prep process, and it could hurt a restaurant to have even one customer get sick. Responsible restaurants do what they can to prevent cross-contamination, including providing personal protective equipment like gloves and facemasks.

Moving forward, customers will be more aware of the methods that companies use to prevent cross-contamination. Get ahead of these expectations by adopting new eco-friendly personal protective equipment (PPE) for all of your staff members. PacknWood has eco-friendly PPE that you can use to protect staff members, customers, and the environment. 

PacknWood is making several types of protective face masks available for pre-sale. Our masks are made to offer different types and levels of protection. Plus, they can be used together or separately for a more comprehensive safety and cross-contamination prevention program. 

PacknWood has three types of face masks. Out 3-ply Ultra Protection Face Mask is similar to a surgical mask. It is CE Certified for up to three uses, and FDA approved. We also have a KN95 Multiple Layer Protection Masks that are similar in design to the standard N95 masks. It has the same bowl design that covers from your nose down below your chin for better protection than other options. It is FDA approved and CE Certified. 

You can combine either option with our Adjustable Transparent Face Shield, which is shaped like a welder’s mask. It is made using eco-friendly plastic that is fog-resistant, waterproof, and dust-proof. It is CE Certified and protects well against spatter during the prep process. Keeping staff members and customers safe from cross-contamination is one of our leading priorities. PacknWood’s eco-friendly healthcare supplies are designed to minimize the chance of cross-contamination and help you keep your loved ones safe. Call PacknWood at (201) 604-3840 for assistance placing an order for our limited time offers, including eco-friendly healthcare supplies.

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