3 Holes Black Bamboo Pick Holder

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10 pcs/case

This sleek, 3 hole Bamboo Pick Holder adds style and flair to buffet presentations. Arrange many of them together for an elegant display of hors d'oeuvres. Made of long-lasting, eco-friendly (biodegradable) bamboo, the triangular holder measures 1.5 W and fits most of our skewers and picks (sold separately). Have a look at the whole Bamboo Pick Holder collection: 209BBSHANI, 209BBAHAYA, 210SAMBRO14, 210SAMBRO18, 210SAMBRO49 and 210SAMBRO120.

Quantity per case 10
Case Pack 10 pcs
Material BAMBOO
Diameter (in INCHES) W: 1.5
Height/Depth (in INCHES) 0.8
Diameter (in MM) W: 40M
Height/Depth (in MM) 20MM
Reusable Yes
Color black

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