Black Paper Bag 6.8 x 3.5 x 9"

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500 pcs/case

Pack lunches or other treats and snacks in our chic but casual disposable and recyclable Black Paper Bags with sturdy handles. Perfect for outdoor events, takeaway and organizing picnics. They're a great solution for carrying small amounts of food. Measure 6.8"x3.5"x9". Checkout all sizes and colors 210MCABN, 210CABABYN, 210CABB33BR, 210CAB2518W - See more at: http://www.packnwood.com/product/210CABABYN/Black-Paper-Bag-6.8-x-3.5-x-9%22.html?cid=#sthash.Srmoizee.dpuf

Quantity per case 500
Case Pack 500 pcs
Size 5 - 9 in.
Color black

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