Majesty Cutlery Clear Kit 4/1 - Knife, Fork, Spoon, Napkin

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250 pcs/case

The bundle is real! Our Majesty clear cutlery kit gives you the necessities you need for a wonderful meal! This kit includes a perfect quadruplet of a knife, fork, spoon, and napkin. The clear coloring is the ultimate neutral and will easily match any decor. A generous 7? utensil size will allow you to serve generous sized meals, no mini variety here! Strong prongs on the fork and a sharp edge on the knife will allow your guests to enjoy foods that are crispier or have more texture, without you having to worry about them breaking. A smooth bevel on the spoon lets it glide through foods with ease, and a handy napkin rounds out the bundle, allowing for messes to be cleaned with ease. There are also smaller kits available to suit your ever-changing needs! Don?t delay, bundle today!

Quantity per case 250 pcs/case

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