Kraft Mini Burger Box - 3.5 in.

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500 pcs/case

Attention burger lovers! We?ve got a treat for you! When you need an outstanding way to package up that delicious burger you have created, we?ve got what you need! Our kraft burger boxes are an easy way to serve your hungry guests with ease. They are grease proof, made to withstand hot and cold foods, and are completely recyclable! This smaller sized box is perfect for sliders and smaller varieties, but effortlessly accommodates even the heftiest of meals. There are also larger and smaller sizes available as well. Because of the neutral kraft color, you can even customize each box with a sticker of your logo or business name! Our kraft burger boxes are an all- around excellent choice!

3.5 x 3.5 x 2"

Quantity per case 500 pcs/case

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