Black Rippled Cup 20oz

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500 pcs/case

What a way to start the day! Rippled black cups provide a visually stimulating experience! Not to mention the mental clarity that the contents of the cups provide! Their dark black color is as sleek as it is chic, and any fashion- forward person will surely agree. Well suited for your on-the-go guests, the rippled design brings forth a non-slip grip. The thick paper material makes them strong and resilient. Fancy event? No problem! Drinks with dessert will look so hot in these trendy cups. They are the perfect pairing for an elegant or casual style, and the generous 20 ounce size leaves lots of room for enjoying that tasty beverage! Add on a lid or clutch (sold separately) and you have a cup that is hard to beat!

Quantity per case 500 pcs/case

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