Clear PLA Cup - 17 oz

1000 pcs/case
Show off those colorful concoctions! Whether for take-out or dine-in, our clear cups are perfect for every guest. They are designed for cold drinks, so even the frostiest of beverages has a nice place to rest before it is devoured. A strong and sturdy construction allows them to handle even the thickest milkshake. You can also allow your guests to be visually amazed at what you have created, because our clear cups let you see the deliciousness right away! This larger size is perfect for a guest with a large thirst, with a smaller size also available. Pair these cups with a domed lid (sold separately) and you have a match made in (delicious) heaven!

Ø 3.78" - 17 oz

Quantity per case
1000 pcs/case