Greasproof Brown Kraft Paper With Newsprint Design 15.7 x 15 in.

500 pcs/case
Take a step back in time! Our kraft paper with newsprint design will bring you back to the good ol’ days! Since this kraft paper is grease-proof, this allows you to use it as a liner for any and all of your fried foods. No leaks here! Fried foods not your forte? That’s okay! The versatility of the paper provides you with lots of other options! Salads, burgers, muffins… each stand out amazingly well on a newsprint backdrop! Clean up is a breeze when using these liners, just throw them in the recycle bin and you’re done! Wow, that was easy!

Quantity per case
Case Pack
Size (in INCHES)
15.7 x 15''
Cold Food