Paper Kraft Bread Bag With PLA window - L: 15.7 in - W: 7.9 in - H: 2.4 in

500 pcs/case
This Kraft Paper Baguette Bag with PLA Window is 15.7 -inches long, making it the perfect packaging for baguettes. Its Kraft paper and PLA construction make it durable enough to protect bread even after it gets to its destination. Plus, Kraft paper and PLA are both biodegradable, making this bag a great eco-friendly restaurant supply option. Customers appreciate environmentally-friendly packaging, and you can draw in more customers that are focused on shopping with eco-conscious restaurants. • Biodegradable • Compostable • 15.7 -inches long • Full-length PLA window • Made from renewable materials
Quantity per case
Case Pack
Paper + PLA
Size (in INCHES)
L: 15.7 in - W: 7.9 in - H: 2.4 in