Types of Eco-Friendly Disposable Dinnerware for your Restaurant

Types of Eco-Friendly Disposable Dinnerware for your Restaurant

Posted by Melanie Green on Jun 15th 2021


Food plating is a very important process after cooking. Enhancing your food presentation gives extra value to your dish. It makes your food more enticing and adds to the customer's enjoyable dining experience. Choosing the right plate, size, color, and shape play a vital part in how your dinnerware can complement your dish as well as your restaurant theme.

If you are in a casual or quick-service restaurant serving a buffet or catering, disposable dinnerware is more favorable. Even if you are using disposables, it does not mean you have to have boring plates. There are so many options to choose from if you find the right supplier. Here are the types of eco-friendly disposable dinnerware to help you find a suitable one for your restaurant.

Sugarcane Plates

SKU: 210APU1326A

Sugarcane Plates are made from pulp residue after harvesting and extracting juice from sugarcane. They are 100% biodegradable and compostable. These plates are available in a white or brown finish and come in many different shapes. These shapes include classic round, square, oval, and rectangle. There are also small appetizers or dessert dishes in egg and tear-drop shapes.

Many opt for white ones because this color illustrates elegance. That is why it is perfect for formal catered events such as weddings. White plates are like a blank canvas, whatever color your food is, it will stand out. For example, these Rectangular White Sugarcane Plates are great for your appetizers.

Bamboo Plates


Bamboo plates are made from bamboo stems turned into veneers, and some dishes are made from layers of bamboo leaves. They are also biodegradable and very organic because no harmful chemicals were used to grow the bamboo. The veneer plates have a smooth and natural brown finish, while those plates made of bamboo leaves have natural spots that add character to the dinnerware. These plates are also perfect for multi-course meals such as Asian or Japanese cuisine, which use various plate sizes and shapes in their food presentation. These plates perfectly match the PacknWood Bamboo Cutlery.

Palm Leaf Plates

SKU: 210BBA2020

Palm Leaf plates are compostable. They are made from fallen palm sheaths that regrow on their own, so no palm trees need to be cut down. Palm Leaf plates are lightweight but sturdy enough to hold food from appetizer to large entree. You can also put them in the microwave and they can withstand oven heat up to 200° F. 

Our Plam Leaf plates come in a variety of shapes like circle, square, oval, and rectangle, but the unique ones are the egg-shaped dishes.  The rustic appearance gives a more pleasing aesthetic visual to your food presentation. They can be paired with either bamboo or wood cutlery.  

Wood Plates

SKU: 210BBA191418

Wood Plates are made from quality woods like birch, poplar, and pinewood. They have a more sophisticated look that is suitable for any green event or formal gathering. They are also best paired with Elegant Wooden Cutlery, which has a scroll art design that will definitely complement your dinnerware. These plates are also available in different shapes and sizes.

PacknWood Eco-Friendly Disposable Plates

All PacknWood disposable plates are eco-friendly and are made from sustainable materials. You can visit to see all of the available plate sizes and designs or call (201) 604-3840 for order assistance.


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