Wood Cutlery

Economical Option, Take Out, Cutlery Kit, Natural Wood, Compostable, Ice Cream, Chopsticks

Wood Cutlery is usually a set of different kinds of forks, knives and spoons made of wood. In the earlier centuries, the monarchy generally used cutlery made of gold or silver and the common man used pewter or wood.

The early spoons were fashioned from shells or animal horns. Later, wood was used as it was easy to carve into a shape that was easy to scoop food into the mouth. The word spoon comes from the Anglo-Saxon word 'spon'. In recent years with an increase in take-out food, cutlery is mostly made of plastic. Most of these aren’t recyclable and they just end up in landfills.

Our birch cutlery not only looks beautiful, but is made from a fully renewable resource and is fully compostable. This rustic and chic line includes several unique wood pieces, including easy fork-chopsticks, mini-spoons and cocktail forks.

Using cutlery with a compostable material like wood is easier on the environment. At PacknWood, we have fork, knives and spoons made of wood. The different variety of wood cutlery that we have are; wooden forks, mini wooden spoons, mini wooden fork pick, wooden cocktail fork, wooden ice cream spoon, wooden spork, wooden sandwich pick, and so on.

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288 pcs/case
288 pcs/case