Hot Food Containers

At the turn of the century, a German bookbinder Hermann Henschel invented the paper plate.

Hugh More and Lawrence Luellen invented a disposable paper cup called the 'Health cup' or 'Dixie cup' that can be disposed after single use. By the Second World War, packing materials like plastic and Styrofoam were available. It initiated the vicious cycle of producing more disposable plastic food packaging that ended up in landfills and oceans.

The Catering/Restaurant Industry uses a large amount of plastic for carrying food and drinks to their customers. While causing obvious harm to consumers due to the chemicals that react with food, they are also harmful for the environment. Catering supplies can easily be made using compostable natural materials like bamboo, wood, cornstarch, and sugarcane. They are quite durable and are non-reactive with food, hot or cold.

PacknWood offers a wide variety of Hot Food containers that are compostable and fashioned from nature. These include, compostable “Bio ‘n’ Chic” oval sugarcane bowls with or without lids, "Eco Rec" Rectangular Sugarcane Salad Bowl, Bakeable Black Kray Box with Lid, Black Cardboard Meal boxes, Black Meal boxes, Black Paper Meal boxes, Brown Kraft hot and cold paper cups, Brown Kraft Soup cup with or without Kraft paper vented lid, Brown Meal boxes, Brown Paper Salad box, Brown Rectangular Kray box with window, Brown Wrap Cookie Sleeve with window, Buckaty – Round Green/White to Go Container with/without lid, Buckaty – Round Kraft Solid Bucket with PET lid, Buckaty – Round Kraft to go container, Chinese Black Take-out box, and Clear lids.

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