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Whether you operate a restaurant, supermarket, food truck, or deli, trays and lunch boxes offer a convenient way to package food for customers. How else could a customer pick out a beautiful tray of sushi from the fish counter and transport it home without the sushi rolls falling apart on the way home? Choosing the right lunch boxes and trays can make food appear more desirable because of how functional and beautiful it makes the food.

PacknWood is committed to selling the most beautiful and eco friendly lunch boxes and trays available on the market. We firmly believe that a superior, functional, and aesthetically pleasing product can mentally transport customers from their homes back to the restaurants they love by continuing the experience. We carry a large selection of wood trays, paper trays, catering trays, compartment trays, liners, and bento boxes to help transform an ordinary takeout lunch into in-demand meals customers look forward to.

PacknWood is a leader in eco-friendly solutions in the food service space. We maintain our status as a CO2 Neutral Company and are active members of the International Caterers Association. In addition to trays, liner, bento boxes, and lunch boxes, we carry all of the green takeout packaging and catering products you may need to grow your business. We focus on carrying only the most beautiful and sustainable products on the market.

Based in New York City, our team is available to help answer any questions or provide any support you may need. We’re there to partner with your business as it grows and needs a larger assortment of eco friendly catering supplies. This is a different level of service than you could expect from an overseas supplier or a big box retailer. Check out our current catalog of lunch boxes and trays, send us a message through our 24/7 chat, or give us a call at (201) 604-3840 for assistance.

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