Biodegradable Bamboo Leaf bowls, Palm Leaf plates, Sugarcane Mini's, Wooden Trays & Much More.

Our decorative and durable eco-friendly tableware will make your tabletops more inviting from backyard BBQ?s to upscale weddings. The sleek and classic Sugarcane line compliments a modern table, while the natural textures of the Palm and Bamboo Leaf collections appeal to a more rustic tabletop. Made of 100% natural materials, the Tableware Collection is a unique combination of innovative and environmentally responsible design. Go Green with PacknWood and use biodegradable disposables.

PackNWood has a full selection of eco-friendly dishware including disposable bamboo tableware, disposable mini dishes, disposable serving plates, mini-appetizer dishes, mini disposable dishes, palm leaf bowls, square plates & square bamboo plates, wooden dishes and much more.