Cheese & Charcuterie Trays Cheese and charcuterie trays are growing in popularity amongst diners across the United States. Whether served at a bar or as an appetizer at a restaurant before an entree, adding a cheese and charcuterie tray to your menu can dramatically increase the size of customer orders. For hotels that need elegant late-night food options for guests, offering a seasonal cheese and charcuterie plate makes a lot of sense. These popular trays can be prepared in advance and chilled until needed. You could even add charcuterie trays to your hotel’s grab ‘n go offerings so guests can enjoy a delicious option at their convenience.

To properly execute a cheese and charcuterie tray, it is important to stock your restaurant kitchen with the right supplies. Our collection of cheese and charcuterie trays Are made from eco-friendly and sustainable materials. Just because you opted to utilize a single-use product because of the convenience that offers your restaurant staff and customers doesn't mean that you have to compromise your organization's environmental goals. Our large line of cheese and charcuterie trays is sure to offer a perfect container in the size and style that best compliments your restaurant’s decor.

We carry a diverse line of Kraft cardboard, bamboo, wood, and sugar cane plates, trays, and boxes that are versatile enough to display beautiful cheese and charcuterie trays, as well as on trees and ready to go menu items. Our windowed boxes and clear lids make it even easier to present your food options beautifully and in an enticing way.

PacknWood is a leader in single-use restaurant supplies that look beautiful and protect the environment. Call our office at (201) 604-3840 for help in finding the right eco-friendly products for your restaurant or catering services. You can also reach us anytime through our 24/7 chat line. We are happy to discuss how our line of cheese and charcuterie trays can be used in your unique application.

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