Sushi Trays Sushi has become an American staple. Customers love buying prepared boxes of sushi from sushi restaurants, grocery stores, and hotel Grab & Go cases. It is a delicacy that customers often pay a premium for, yet requires few ingredients. Some wine bars and breweries have started to offer sushi as a small bite to complement tastings.

PacknWood offers a collection of eco-friendly sushi takeout supplies that can make the process of preparing and selling sushi convenient, well presented, and better for the environment. Single-use doesn't have to mean wasteful when takeout supplies are compostable or recyclable. We sell a collection of wooden trays, Kraft cardboard boxes, slanted wood cups, and wooden boxes that work perfectly for sushi, whether customers eat on-site at your restaurant or order it as a carryout. Some of our packaging has optional tamper-proof seals, which make it an ideal choice for entrees sent through meal delivery services.

None of our eco-friendly sushi trays are limited to only use for Japanese restaurants or sushi applications. The delicate and elegant trays can be used in many different settings, including cheese and charcuterie trays, dessert trays, and appetizers. The versatile containers are a must-have for many restaurants and hotels that need beautiful and functional single-use supplies for their operations.

PacknWood sells an extensive line of stunning disposable sushi trays made from the best materials currently available on the market. Call our office at (201) 604-3840 for help in finding the right eco-friendly products for your restaurant or catering services. You can also reach us anytime through our 24/7 chat line. If you’re in New York City, plan on stopping by our showroom to see our complete collection for yourself.

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