Wood Baking Basket Baking is as much a science as it is an art, and you want to make it easy to present your baked goods in a refined way to customers. Wood baking baskets can be a classy way to bake and serve your baked goods to customers. The right size container fits bread, quiche, or cakes perfectly, and can reduce restaurant supply waste by working as a prep and serving dish. Plus, customers like the ambiance that wood containers create. Fortunately, PacknWood has eco- friendly wood baking baskets that you can add to your bakery’s restaurant supplies.

At PacknWood, we provide single-use restaurant supplies that are designed to maintain high- quality standards, help the environment, and fit nicely into your restaurant designs. Our wood baking basket collection has baskets of different shapes and sizes that can be used for baking and serving. Each basket is made using sustainably sourced wood from different places around the world. Alongside our eco-friendly wood baking baskets, you can get our eco-friendly baking liners. They are made out of eco-friendly that is heat resistant. That way, you have everything you need to bake and present high-quality baked goods.

When you add a set of eco-friendly wood baking baskets into your restaurant services, customers will notice the difference in quality and aesthetic. Working with wood gives customers a nostalgic feel as well as an air of high-quality. People often choose well-made, hand-crafted items because they are associated with quality. Packaging your food with PacknWood's eco- friendly wooden baking baskets will make a good impression on customers, as well as attract customers that choose companies that use environmentally-friendly practices.

Call our office at (201) 604-3840 for help in finding the right eco-friendly products for your restaurant or catering services. You can also reach us anytime through our 24/7 chat line.

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SKU #: 209CPS295
50 pcs/case