Soup Cups

Cups are containers that generally hold some kind of liquid. They are made of all kinds of materials like clay, wood, glass, metal, Styrofoam, plastic, or even stone!

Cups have a deep cultural significance in almost all ancient civilizations and cultures. Kings had special cup bearers who guarded the cup with their life so that no one could poison the king’s wine!

Cups are used in the kitchen for measuring purposes and used in place of bowls to have soup, apart from other beverages like milk, tea or coffee. The disposable cup was invented at the turn of the 20th century by Lawrence Luellen, who called it the Health Kup. This kind of cup was used by people to drink water in public places without having to share a cup and spread germs. This was the start of disposable cups being used for serving other food like ice creams, but with lids. After nearly 100 years of using these cups and not being able to safely dispose them, the world is waking up to compostable cups that will not harm the environment.

At PacknWood, our Soup Cups come in materials like sugarcane, and paper. Oval Sugarcane cups, Brown Kraft soup cups, Buckaty paper cups (with or without lids), Deli News Printed cups, NOIR black paper cups, Soup cup with Rippled Kraft design, white soup cups, sugarcane soup / ice cream bowl are some of the cups available.

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