Eco-friendly Glass Mini Jars Many customers prefer the experience of a home-cooked meal, even if they are going out to eat. Restaurants with a family-style, country, or at home cooking theme can use glass jars to serve appetizers and desserts. Glass jars help create a homemade theme for your restaurant, while also giving customers a secure option for taking food home with them. To do this, you will need high-quality glass jars for your appetizers and desserts. Fortunately, PacknWood has eco- friendly glass mini jars that you can use to make your customers feel at home.

PacknWood is a leading provider of eco-friendly restaurant supplies. Our glass mini jars are made entirely of eco-friendly glass made with carbon-neutral and other environmentally- conscious manufacturing practices. Each jar comes complete with a matching lid and metal clasp system. The jars are sealed with eco-friendly silicone rings. All the materials used in our jars have advantages for the environment and make our jars reusable and recyclable.

Our eco-friendly glass mini jars collection includes clamp lid mini glass sealed jars in 1.5 oz, 2.2 oz, 3.4 oz, 5 oz, and 8 oz sizes. Each jar comes with a fitted silicone ring, but we have replacement rates available in transparent gray, red, lime green, light blue, light green, dark blue, and black. Silicone is a man-made plastic made using eco-friendly materials. Like plastic, silicone is long-lasting and highly durable. However, silicone is a better alternative since it won't leach chemicals into the food, and they can be recycled easily in places with the right recycling center. You can customize the jars that you use in your restaurant services by changing the size or replacing the silicone ring with a color that matches your restaurant's theme.

Incorporating environmentally-friendly, mini glass jars into your services is an easy way to give your customers the at-home cooking experience that they are looking for. Just give us a call at (201) 604-3840 or send us a message through our 24-hour chat service. We can help you find the right eco-friendly products to make your customers feel at home.

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