Transparent Plates

are used for displays or as service trays when restaurants want to create an elegant, crystal-like service design. Plastic is the common alternative to crystal for single use plates. PacknWood’s transparent plates are made with environmentally friendly plastic alternatives and with eco-conscious manufacturing methods so that they are high-quality and meet the latest best practices in the restaurant industry’s standards on packaging materials. PacknWood uses better methods to make its transparent trays that reduce the impact of single use products on the environment. We have a variety of transparent plates including quadra square plates, rectangular green Klarity plates, square transparent plates, mini transparent plates, and transparent Klarity green trays, as well as lids for many of these options. The variations in the sizes and shapes make it easy to find a specific plate for your needs.

PacknWood is a global leader in eco-friendly transparent plates and other eco-friendly restaurant supplies. These transparent plates are made using carbon-neutral methods, and PacknWood sources its materials from ethical global sources. That way, everything that we provide maintains a low environmental impact while providing higher quality products than traditional materials. Make the switch to eco-friendly transparent plates made by PacknWood. Your catering and takeout customers appreciate a unique and high-end design, which is what transparent plates can provide. Give us a call at (201) 604-3840 or send a message to our 24/7 chat service. We can help you find better single use supplies that make your customer experience stand out.

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