Restaurant Supplies Your restaurant uses a lot of serving, packaging, and cutlery supplies every day, much of which ends up in the landfill when customers finish using it. This gives your restaurant a big chance to change its impact on the environment by partnering with PacknWood. By choosing PacknWood’s eco-friendly takeout containers and restaurant materials, like sugarcane bowls and bamboo cutlery, you can reduce your restaurant’s impact on the environment while attracting eco-conscious customers who want to limit their own personal waste. You won’t have to worry about customers choosing to eat at home instead of ordering in dinner when eco- friendly takeout containers.


PacknWood offers a variety of restaurant supply options. These include bamboo utensils, cutlery bags, napkins, mini forks and spoons, colored paper place mats, specially designed baskets, and specialty serving containers like buckets and fry baskets. Our supplies are made of high-quality materials chosen for eco-friendliness while improving your customers’ experience.

Choosing new restaurant supplies from PacknWood reduces your restaurant’s supply waste. Our supplies are made out of eco-friendly materials like bamboo and sugarcane. Our cutlery bags are biodegradable, while you can reuse our metal serving containers and bamboo cutlery. Plus, our bamboo, sugarcane, and paper products are compostable to further reduce your restaurant’s impact on the environment.

PacknWood can help your restaurant get the high-quality supplies that you need. We’re a CO2 Neutral Company located in New York City. For assistance placing your order, give us a call at (201) 604-3840 or check out our catalog for the latest restaurant supplies that we have available. You can also send us a message through our 24-hour chat system for more assistance. We want to help you grow your business with the right restaurant supplies for your needs. We carry a large selection of the best products in the food service space and actively work with customers to find the solution they need.

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