Our Green Approach

PacknWood and its parent company First Pack LLC. commits itself to environmental friendliness with 5 fundamental key points:

1. Buy Greener

  • Privilege suppliers who respect the environment
  • Support eco-certified products and suppliers
  • Favor packaging made from natural and renewable resources
  • Encourage suppliers to take a step toward sustainable development

2. Develop and Market the Largest Range of Eco-Friendly Products

  • Maintain a diversified range of eco-friendly packaging
  • Sell certified eco-friendly items
  • Offer green alternatives for all kinds of purposes
  • Constantly innovate and hunt for newer and greener packaging solutions

3. Diminish the Energy Footprint at Our Sites

  • Implement recycling and waste sorting programs
  • Reduce our energy consumption with campaigns such as “Turn it Off” in the office
  • Disseminate internal communication on the green steps we take, as well as our balanced approach to environmental responsibility

4. Increase Client Awareness on the Beneficial Effects of Our Products on the Environment

  • Advise and guide our clients toward greener packaging solutions
  • Offer samples to try out the product before purchase
  • Explain the various existing certifications
  • Increase awareness on energy recovery from waste
  • Explain eco-friendly norms and eco-labels

5. Favor Greener Communication Tools

  • Orient our clients and prospects to use e-catalogs and website instead of paper catalogs
  • Develop and optimize our websites for an easier to use visitor experience
  • Favor communication through telephone and emails
  • Send mailings and newsletters at least 90% of the time by email and not paper
  • Use e-invoicing in order to reduce the amount of paper waste

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