Tulip Dark Brown Greaseproof Baking Cup -8oz Dia:4.15in Flat:L:6.8 x W:6.8in

1000 pcs/case
Have no fear! Fashionable bakeware is here! Tulip baking cups are the top choice of bakers! Allow your sweet treats to be perfectly portable and completely evenly baked! The 5 oz. size is great for your larger everyday uses, with other sizes available to suit your needs. Hello, cupcakes and muffins! You’ve got the recipe perfected, so why not make them look fabulous too?! The dark brown hue allows you to mix and match easily with your décor or even your other creative confections. So sleek and chic, you will forget that these silicone baking cups are ecofriendly! Recycle when your guests are finished and you are well on your way to helping reduce our carbon footprint!

Quantity per case
Case Pack
Size (in INCHES)
5 oz
Height/Depth (in INCHES)
Product Capacity (in OZ)
5 oz
Product Fluid Capacity (in ml)
150 ml
Cold Food
Dark Brown
Ounce Capacity
1 - 8oz