Clamp Lid Mini Glass Seal Jars - 2.2oz

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24 pcs/case

Perfect for storing and beautifully displaying your herbs, spices, midday snacks and sensual desserts, 2.2 ounces at a time. Finely crafted sealable glass mini jars combine the styling of a timeless classic with sealing power of nearly indestructible silicon. Color coordinate your jars by ordering replacement seals in red, blue, green and black! Available in four other different sizes 210BOKA45, 210BOKA100, 210BOKA150 and 210BOKA200.

Quantity per case 24
Case Pack 2 x 12 pcs
Material GLASS
Diameter (in INCHES) 1.7"
Height/Depth (in INCHES) 3.2"
Product Capacity (in OZ) 2oz
Microwavable Yes
Grease Resistant Yes
Cold Food Yes
Hot Food Yes
Reusable Yes
Size 1 - 4 in.
Shape Round
Color clear
Ounce Capacity 1 - 8oz

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