Newspaper Print Tulip Baking Cases - 3 oz

1200 pcs/case
Make a statement that is all your own! Tulip baking cups are an excellent choice for putting a classic and modern twist on your bakeware! When you pair these with any delicious baked good, you get a sweet treat that is evenly baked and perfectly portable! The 3 oz. size is great for your everyday uses, with other sizes available to suit your needs. We want to help give a fabulous look to your already fabulous tastes! The newspaper print allows you to mix and match easily with your décor or even other confections in your display case. With such a nostalgic touch, you will forget that these silicone baking cups are ecofriendly! Recycle when your guests are finished and you are well on your way to helping reduce our carbon footprint!

3 oz - Ø: 1.5"

Quantity per case
Case Pack
Size (in INCHES)
3 oz Dia: 1.5"
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