Kraft Double Wall Compostable Paper Cups - 8oz

Kraft Double Wall Compostable Paper Cups - 8oz

500 pcs/case
Do you enjoy sipping a caffeinated beverage? How about a nice decadent hot chocolate? Kraft double walled cups are top notch when it comes to serving those warm beverages! The double walled design adds an extra layer of insulation, so you can enjoy every last drop before it gets cold. The kraft color is a great natural hue to coordinate with décor or other packaging solutions, which allows you to stand out without being too bold. Lids and clutches are available separately, and add an element of safety from any messy mishaps. This 8 oz. size is among our small options, with larger and smaller sizes also available. It’s a no- brainer that our cups are a fantastic ecofriendly option to your coffee bar! Stock up today!

Quantity per case
Case Pack
20 x 25 pcs
Ounce Capacity
1 - 8oz