Rectangular Insert for 12 Macarons

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150 pcs/case

This Rectangular Insert for 12 Macarons is a lovely way to show off delicious and colorful macarons. The insert fits inside of several of our boxes to ensure safe transport. Holds 3 rows of 4 macarons, is recyclable, and measures 6 L x 5.4 W. Can be used inside of: Kraft Brown Box (210KRAYB155), Saga Wooden Box (210BBOXATLASF), Wooden Folding Box (210SAMRED160). Have a look at all sizes: 210MACINS3, 210MACINS4, 210MACINS6, 201MACINS7, 210MACINS2, 210MACINS48.

Quantity per case 150
Case Pack 6 x 25 pcs
Material PLASTIC
Diameter (in INCHES) 5.4" x 6"
Height/Depth (in INCHES) 0.8
Diameter (in MM) 138mm x 153mm
Height/Depth (in MM) 20mm
Grease Resistant Yes
Cold Food Yes
Disposable Yes
Recyclable Yes
Size 5 - 9 in.
Shape Rectangle
Color clear

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