Mini Porcelain Bell Dish - 1 oz

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24 pcs/case

Serve up some fun! Mini porcelain bell dishes are an excellent way to provide your guests with dips, sauces, and spices. A little flavor embellishment never hurt anybody! Their bell design is classy and whimsical, without being too over-dramatic. The bright white porcelain blends well to easily become a part of any table décor. A lid that is snugly fit allows you to prep in advance without the fear of something drying out or going stale! What a time-saver! Also, since they are reusable there will be less waste to worry about! What a wonderful little dish!

1 oz Ř:3.4 H 3.25

Quantity per case 24 pcs/case
Case Pack 4 x 6 pcs

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