Brown Kraft Hot & Cold Paper Cup - 3.3 oz

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1000 pcs/case

Our Brown Kraft Hot & Cold Paper Cup, holds up to 3.3 oz and measures 2.3 in. in Diameter and 1.63 in Height. The Kraft paper version of a ramekin. Perfect for condiments or parsing your ingredients during food preparation. The cup is entirely recyclable and microwavable. Available in several sizes: 210POB90, 210POB150, 210POB180 and 210POB270. Corresponding lids: 210GKLD74D, 209POPETL3, 210GKL74X and 210LSOUP74

Quantity per case 1000
Case Pack 20 x 50 pcs
Diameter (in INCHES) 2.25
Height/Depth (in INCHES) 1.625
Product Capacity (in OZ) 3.3 oz
Product Fluid Capacity (in ml) 100 ml
Shape Round
Color kraft
Ounce Capacity 1 - 8oz

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