5 Myths About Eco-Friendly Food Storage Containers

5 Myths About Eco-Friendly Food Storage Containers

Posted by Melanie Green on Apr 24th 2023


These days, the restaurant industry is constantly looking to reduce their impact on the environment. With eco-friendly practices like composting and recycling, many restaurants have begun to use green food storage containers for their takeout and dining operations. While these containers are great for reducing your carbon footprint and saving the Earth, there are some myths people believe about them. Here are 5 myths about eco-friendly food storage containers for restaurants that you should know before purchasing any of these single use containers.

Myth #1: Eco-Friendly Storage Containers Leak

The most common myth about eco-friendly food storage containers is that they will leak. This is not always the case with high quality food storage containers. Just make sure to choose a container labeled for use with liquids.

Myth #2: Eco-Friendly Storage Containers are Ugly

Contrary to popular belief, eco-friendly food storage containers are not ugly. You'll find a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors that are designed to be used for both takeout and internal dining areas. If you're looking for something functional and aesthetically pleasing for your restaurant's dining area, you'll find a number of options that work well with any decor.

Beyond the aesthetics of these products lies their function. Just because they are eco-friendly doesn't mean they aren't functional. In fact, these single use containers can be recycled or composted like other single use items.

Myth #3: Eco-Friendly Storage Containers are Too Expensive

As a restaurant owner, you may be hesitant to invest in eco-friendly food storage containers because you're worried that they will be too expensive. But don't let the price scare you away. Eco-friendly food storage containers are not only cost effective but also can save your business time and money by reducing waste, saving on labor costs, and preventing the spread of germs.

Myth #4: Eco-Friendly Storage Containers are Hard to Find

Many restaurants have started using eco-friendly food storage containers because of their environmental benefits. They also allow guests to take home their leftovers, which can help reduce the amount of waste that goes into landfills. There's a myth that they are hard to find. However, PacknWood sells a wide range of eco-friendly food storage containers we can ship anywhere.

Myth #5: Eco-Friendly Storage Containers Aren't Microwavable

Some people believe these containers can't be microwaved because they're not made of plastic. This is not true! Some of these containers can be microwaved. In fact, many of them can because of what they are made of. For example, wood containers can be put in the microwave, oven, or freezer.

Eco-friendly food containers are quickly becoming the popular option for helping restaurants lower their carbon footprint. There are many eco-friendly options available, including supplies other than containers. To switch to eco-friendly restaurant supplies, work with PacknWood.

At PacknWood, we have all of the eco-friendly restaurant supplies that you need. We can also help you find the right supplies for your services. Call our office at +1 (201) 604-3840 or send a message through our website so we can help you better understand eco-friendly restaurant supplies.


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