5 Natural Baking Alternatives to Non-Stick Pans

5 Natural Baking Alternatives to Non-Stick Pans

Posted by Melanie Green on Jun 13th 2022

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Non-stick pans are generally coated with chemicals that could be toxic to humans. These substances are often used because they prevent foods from sticking to the pan, which makes for easier cooking. However, these harmful chemicals could also cause adverse health effects, such as cancerous tumors and liver damage.

Looking for an alternative? Here are five baking alternatives to non-stick pans that will help you avoid the harmful chemicals that come with traditional non-stick pans.

Baking Molds

One baking alternative to non-stick pans is to use baking molds. By using molds, instead of traditional non-stick pans, you can avoid the potentially hazardous non-stick chemicals while making your baking eco-friendly.

Baking molds come in a variety of shapes and sizes making it easy to style your pastries. You can get eco-friendly options made from natural materials but still providing the quality of container your baking demands. With a wide variety of sizes available too, you can choose molds that are the exact right size for your needs.

Baking Cups

One alternative to non-stick pans is using baking cups. Baking cups are disposable but they are also biodegradable. You can use them to bake things like muffins.

Baking cups are often used as single-serve packing for whatever you bake in them as well. That way, you don’t need to repackage your baked goods into something to sell them in. Just let the cups and baked goods cool, then sell them as is.

Wood Boxes

A possible alternative to non-stick pans is using a wood box. These boxes are made of wood, because they provide a non-stick surface which could be used for cooking. Wood can also be heat and cold resistant, making the perfect baking and storage container in one.

Wood boxes are eco-friendly since the wood is biodegradable and easily replenishable. Many types of trees grow quickly, making it easy to replace the ones that are harvested to make baking boxes.

Customers also like wood boxes for their baked goods. They are more secure than other options, and provide better protection for soft baked goods. Plus, you will only need one container to bake, store, and sell your baked goods in.

Baking Liners

Baking liners are a great alternative to non-stick pans that you can use with any baking container. Liners are made from eco-friendly paper, and can help protect against grease too. They provide a non-stick surface, so you can remove baked goods from the pan without any issues. Just place a liner in the right pan and it will help you slide your food out when you are done.

Baking without a baking pan can open up a new level of baking for you. There are many eco-friendly options with their own benefits that you can change how you bake entirely just by making one change. Whichever option you choose, make sure that it is eco-friendly. PacknWood has a collection of eco-friendly alternatives to non-stick baking pans. Some are single-use, while others are reusable, but all of them keep the chemicals from non-stick pans out of the environment.

Contact PacknWood to order eco-friendly non-stick pan alternatives. Message us through our 24/7 chat system or schedule an appointment to check out our showroom. We can help you find the eco-friendly restaurant supplies that you need.


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