Eco-Friendly Bags: The Sign of Caring For Your Community

Eco-Friendly Bags: The Sign of Caring For Your Community

Posted by Melanie Green on Mar 28th 2022

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How many times have you seen plastic bags blowing around on the ground? The chances are high that you have seen at least one in the last week. For every discarded bag that you do see, there are thousands more in landfills, trash piles, and other places that you don’t see. Plastic bags do immeasurable damage to the environment and need to be replaced. Fortunately, restaurants are switching to eco-friendly options like PacknWood’s Natural Carrier Jute Bags. They are quickly becoming the sign that restaurants care about their communities.

Replacing Plastic Means Less Landfill Pollution

Your restaurant can show customers that you care about the environment by switching from plastic bags to PacknWood’s Natural Carrier Jute Bags. They can fill the same roles, including supporting carryout and delivery services. They can be disposed of in several ways that make them a far better option for the environment than plastic bags.

As plastic breaks down, it can release chemicals into landfills. Despite the best city planning efforts, those chemicals can still end up contaminating the soil and water in the community. Be a part of the solution by reducing the number of plastic bags used when you switch to an eco-friendly alternative.

Reusable Bags Means No Bags Left Lying Around

A big part of the reason why you may see plastic bags blowing around is because they were discarded. Natural Carrier Jute Bags don’t need to be discarded since they are made of a durable material that makes them reusable. Jute is the same plant-based fiber that is used to make hemp and other natural fiber products. You can get a lot of reuse out of just one of these bags.

Go From Generic Plastic to Classy Jute Bags

No one really thinks twice about a plastic bag. They are always the same: generic and boring. Your customers will be surprised when the bags that you start using are not the same old boring bags.

It is easy to tell that significant effort went into crafting Jute bags. This difference in experience is because Jute is classier than traditional plastics. These are bags that your customers will want to use multiple times over and feel good about carrying them around.

Natural Carrier Jute Bags with Handles Are More Reliable Than Plastic

Another major benefit from switching to PacknWood’s Natural Carrier Jute Bag is that they are more reliable than plastic bags. Because plastic bags are made from thin layers of plastic, they are easy to stretch and break. You could lose an entire delivery order if a cheap plastic bag does not hold up.

Get rid of this problem by switching to PacknWood’s Natural Carrier Jute Bags. Jute is a thicker, more durable fabric than traditional plastic bags are made of. It takes a lot of effort to rip one of these bags. You and your customers never have to worry about a ripped bag and dropped order again.

Switching to Natural Carrier Jute Bags Is Easy!

Replacing your traditional plastic bags with Natural Carrier Jute Bags is easy. All you have to do is get in touch with PacknWood, and we can help you make the change. Call our office at (201) 604-3840 or send us a message through our website’s 24-hour chat system. We can help you get all of the eco-friendly restaurant supplies that you need.


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