Five Facts About Bamboo Straws

Five Facts About Bamboo Straws

Posted by Melanie Green on Oct 19th 2021

There have been a lot of changes in the foodservice industry in the past decade. One of them has been the introduction of bamboo straws as an alternative to traditional plastic straws. More places around the world are banning plastic straws, so you will likely need a replacement option in the near future. Many people know very little about bamboo straws since they are relatively new. Here are five facts about bamboo straws to help you see why they are a good alternative to plastic straws. 

Fact One: Bamboo Straws are Reuseable

Since bamboo straws are made out of natural materials (i.e. bamboo stalks) many people think that they are single-use items. In fact, bamboo straws can be reusable. Bamboo is often used for its water-resistant properties. It is a type of wood that thrives in wet areas, so the straws won’t break down in your drinks. This makes them useful as single-use and reusable options based on what your restaurant offers. You could use them as a disposable option in your takeout and delivery orders, which customers will appreciate since they can continue to reuse the bamboo straws long after they finished their drink. 

Fact Two: Straws are Made from Whole Stalks

Bamboo straws have a very simple design. They are cut from whole bamboo stalks that are straight enough to be used as straws. This requires very little processing, eliminating the chances of a manufacturing process that is harmful to the environment. Because there are no added chemicals or processes, these straws also won’t leech chemicals into your drinks as they dissolve. These straws don’t have those chemicals and they won’t dissolve in your drink.

Fact Three: They Come in Two Colors

Bamboo straws come in two colors: natural and black. The natural finish is a tan color with a slight green tint, while the black finish is close to charcoal or a chalk black. Both options are identical in every other aspect, including length and design. This gives you options for maintaining a specific style in your restaurant. Upscale restaurants and bars tend to prefer black straws, while health-conscious restaurants prefer the natural finish. 

Fact Four: Bamboo Straws are Heat-Resistant

Bamboo is a type of wood that grows in humid and warm climates. This makes it heat-resistant beyond the temperatures that most plastics and other materials are safe to use in. Unlike metal straws, the heat won’t be absorbed by the straw making it unsafe to use. Instead, bamboo straws will insulate against the heat without breaking down so that customers can wait until their drinks are cool enough to drink safely. 

Fact Five: They are Biodegradable and Compostable

Perhaps the biggest benefit of using bamboo straws is that they are biodegradable and compostable. Being made entirely of wood, these straws dissolve naturally when disposed of to prevent hurting the environment. In some places, they can be used to help the environment by being added to composting processes to enrich the soil for farming. 

There are many uses for bamboo straws in restaurants. Discover how you can use them to give your customers a better experience by placing an order with PacknWood. Cal PacknWood at (201) 604-3840 to get your eco-friendly restaurant supplies. 


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