How to Find Out If Your Takeout Boxes Are Compostable

How to Find Out If Your Takeout Boxes Are Compostable

Posted by Melanie Green on Apr 30th 2023

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There are many ways to dispose of your waste. One of the most common ways is to put them in a landfill. Knowing how to properly dispose of your waste is important because if you throw them in the garbage, they will end up polluting our landfills and harming animals such as wildlife and birds. The most eco-friendly way to dispose of your trash is by composting it. To find out if your takeout boxes are compostable, follow these steps below.

What is Composting?

Composting is a natural process that breaks down organic waste like food scraps, yard and garden trimmings, paper products, food packaging, and so on. This decomposition uses microbes to break down the organic material into a usable soil additive called compost. To avoid wasting space in your home for your recycling bin, consider setting up a compost bin or adding some of your trash to the compost pile.

Compostable Materials

A material is considered compostable if it breaks down naturally in a compost pile. For example, paper products break down and can be used to create compost. Some materials and products require commercial composting facilities to be composted.

In many cases, naturally growing materials, such as wood and palm leaf, are easily compostable. They break down quickly in the environment, making them a leading choice for making your packaging compostable.

Other materials like bamboo are compostable but may take some processing to speed up the process. Bamboo fibers are durable, which means anything made from bamboo may need to be shredded into finer pieces to decompose quickly.

How to Check If Your Takeout Boxes Are Compostable

Take a look at the bottom of your takeout boxes. Compostable containers might be labeled as compostable. If it has a traditional recycling number, then it should be recycled. If you are not sure if a container is compostable, you can also contact the manufacturer. Suppliers and manufacturers of compostable goods are usually aware that they are and can give you more information.

The Benefits of Composting

Composting is a process that transforms organic waste into compost. Composting can be done in many different ways. Some things, such as food scraps, are better to compost than others. If you're not sure what type of items should go in the compost, ask your local government for more information about how to properly dispose of your waste. If you're using a container with a lid, make sure the container is made of materials that will compost, too, before flowing it out. This can slow the process of decay and pollute the soil and water supply.

Using compostable takeout boxes can be an effective way to help the environment. Rather than filling a landfill, they can be used to enrich and replenish soil. There are many other eco-friendly restaurant supplies that you can use instead of traditional options. Contact PacknWood by sending a message through our website, and we can help you get the eco-friendly restaurant supplies that you need.


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