Palm Leaf Serveware Guide for Your Table

Palm Leaf Serveware Guide for Your Table

Posted by Melanie Green on Nov 16th 2021

PacknWood’s Palm Leaf Collection includes hygienic and eco-friendly options for your disposable food service supply needs. Though they are lightweight, they are sturdy enough to hold large food items. They are also greaseproof and microwave safe. Each plate and bowl design is suitable for any dishes for a simple birthday party to an upscale restaurant catered event. You will surely leave a great impression on your guests with this elegant-looking dinnerware while also showing awareness of helping the environment by using green products.

Made of Palm Leaf Fiber

Packnwood supports green campaigns for the environment, thus only uses renewable and natural materials in their products. One of the plant-based materials they use is the palm leaf sheath fiber. Naturally, the palm trees shed when they grow. These sheaths are rinsed with fresh spring water, then used to create bowls and plates. Who would have thought this once-called agro-waste can be turned into something beautiful and functional food service supplies.

Restaurant Dinner Plates

Offer your restaurant and food truck patrons an eco-friendly disposable option for sanitary purposes using these PacknWood Square Palm Leaf Dinner Plates, Palm Leaf Round Dinner Plates, and Square Palm Leaf Plate with Rounded Corners. They are great replacements for traditional regular paper plates, which take more time to degrade. The rimmed design on both square and round plates keep the food on the plate. You can also use these as dinner plates for your catering events. The square palm leaf plate is available in two sizes, 6.3”x6.3” and 4.3”x4.3”, while the square plate with rounded corners is available in 8”x8” and the round plate in 12” diameter.


210APA1111, 210APA1616 & 210BBA2020

Sub Sandwich Plates

Rectangular Palm Leaf Plates are a perfect serving dish for sub sandwiches and to other longer food items. You can also use them to serve your utensils. You can choose between these sizes for these compostable plates: 12.8”x3.5” or 16”x3.5”.

210APA329 & 210APA419 

Appetizers and Dessert Serving Platters

These Oval Palm Leaf Plates come in various sizes, from 14”x9.5”, 17”x3.5”, and 22”x12”. They are excellent serving platters for your appetizers and desserts. Paired with PacknWood Playful Picks on the side, these plates will give an upscale and artistic look on your buffet table. You can also serve large entrees on these plates. 

210APA4329, 210APA3624  & 210APA5430 

The Palm Leaf with 21.7”x12.6” size is also a wonderful unique centerpiece for a round table. You can place your small cookies, bite-sized tarts, and other sweet treats for your tea party. 


Salad & Side-Dish Bowls

Palmbowl Palm Leaf Round Bowl with a small size of 4” diameter is suitable for side-dishes, desserts and dipping sauces while the other size 12” diameter is good for salad, foods containing soup and other single-serving bowls stuff. These bowls are a great addition to your catering events for both corporate and private gatherings.

This guide is only a list of suggestions on how you can use palm leaf plates, but anything is possible with creativity. The plate's natural appearance will definitely add a visual impact to your food presentation.

210BPA300 & 210APA10

Eco-Friendly Alternatives for Plastic Plates 

Palm Leaf Plates are excellent alternatives for the traditional plastic plates, which contribute to the majority of waste in landfills. Reduce your restaurant’s waste and improve your company image by switching to PacknWood eco-friendly products. Not only will you attract environmentally conscious customers, but you will be part of a meaningful campaign to help protect the environment. Get your palm leaf plates now by calling PacknWood at (201) 604-3840 or visit our website for chat support assistance. 


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