What Your Restaurant Needs to Be Successful with Catering

What Your Restaurant Needs to Be Successful with Catering

Posted by Melanie Green on Jul 24th 2019

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Entering the catering space is a good way to expand your restaurant. However, there are specific things that you need to do to make your catering business successful. If you plan things right, your catering options can make a big difference for your restaurant. Here is what your restaurant needs to be successful.

Good Understanding of Costs

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One of the most important things that you need to make your catering operations successful is a good understanding of costs. Since you are looking to serve a large number of people in a single event, it is easy to overshoot your costs and eat away at your profits. This problem compounds as the number of people at the event increases. 

When you plan for an event, start by figuring out what your costs are and what they should be. There is a minimum of how much it will cost you to service an event, which is what your costs currently are. Once you know what that is, you can negotiate a profitable price for the service that allows you to increase your costs to provide a better service while maintaining profit margins. That way, you still come in with a profit while being able to spend as much as you need to give the best possible service. 

Beautiful Single Use Catering Supplies

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The supplies that you use for catering make a significant difference in how people perceive your food. People taste with their eyes and food that looks better tastes better. That means that your food needs something beautiful to be served on. 

Start with the single serve items like trays. Sugarcane and bamboo trays offer a clean and Earthy aesthetic while being sturdy and eco-friendly. Larger trays look better when they are made out of natural materials too. You can also add a little flair elements like bamboo skewers or sandwich picks that give food options a classier look. These little elements can significantly chain how people see your food. 

Active Marketing

compostable catering plates

For your catering business to find new customers, you need to have active marketing. Catering events put your work in front of a lot of potential customers. Include marketing options where you can. For example, you can have your information or logo printed on sealing elements like stickers or bottle wrappers. That way, potential customers will see it anytime that they interact with these items. 

Food Transportation

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Another thing to consider is food transportation. You want your food to be presentable on arrival. Windowed boxes help with that since it is easier to set up your food and to make a good first impression before the containers are even opened. You can also choose containers with style elements, like specific colors that will help them stand out. 

PacknWood carries a wide selection of packaging containers that you can use to help your catering services stand out. Each option provides a different way of helping your food catch the eye of potential customers. To learn more about our catering and takeout packaging, email us at to request a catalog.


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