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Unique & Functional Wood Boxes, Elegant Boxes in Bright Colors, plus Specially Designed Inserts & Serving Dishes

Macaron is a sweet meringue based French confection in which two cookies are used to sandwich a ganache, a buttercream or a jam filling.

Originally macrons were just cookies and it is said to have been the creation of two Carmelite nuns during the French revolution. The modern version of the macarons became popular in the 1930's and it became trendy to serve them in French patisseries all over the United States.

Macarons are usually displayed in transparent boxes with slots in them for displaying. They usually come in an array of sizes. Some of them have windows so that you can easily see what's in there without opening the box. Such boxes are generally made sturdy enough to carry the macarons while transporting them. These kinds of boxes are used in most bakeries, restaurants and delis.

At PacknWood, our Macaron boxes come in compostable materials like sugarcane, wood and paper. Cardboard window boxes (with or without windows), Black boxes with windows, Clear Inserts, Clear recyclable lids, combo round inserts, cylindrical wooden box with latch, inserts for macarons with clip closure, long clear inserts, pink box without window, rectangular wooden box with latch, yellow box without window, wooden folding box with red shiny interior, square kray box with window, square white kray box, small rectangular macaron inserts are some of the Macaron packaging and solutions available.

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Macaron Packaging Box Collection

French macarons are a popular dessert that will delight all of your guests or customers. Package them in style with PacknWood's collection of macaron gift boxes. Buy them wholesale in many different colors to match any party décor or complement any macaron selection. Each box features a sleek look with a window or windowless design. Purchase a clear insert as well to keep your treats safe and sound in transport.

The paper macaron box and all plastic pieces are fully recyclable, so you don?t need to worry about an impact on the environment, only distributing your delicious macarons. The boxes are all-natural and made with renewable materials. All macaron gift boxes are freezer and microwave safe as well as leak proof, to hold any delicious desserts to sell or gift.

For a fancier option, try the wooden macaron boxes that are also all-natural, recyclable and biodegradable. They come in cylinder and rectangular shapes.

French macaron gift boxes are available wholesale in any size to suit your needs, and will display your treats beautifully to tantalize any customer.