Bamboo Servware In the food service industry, the serveware that you choose is just as important as your food. Having different and higher quality serveware than the standard plasticware that most places use can help you make a bigger first impression with customers. Our bamboo serveware uses bamboo’s unique texture and artistic serveware designs get customers’ attention. Plus, bamboo is eco-friendly and quickly becoming a leading alternative to traditional plastics.

PacknWood’s bamboo serveware collection features utensils to fit any catering and restaurant occasion. This collection includes Kamala bamboo mini forks, Tung bamboo mini spoons, bamboo two-piece serving sets, Khlong bamboo spoons, bamboo mini knives and spreaders, and Iwaki bamboo spoons. Each piece in the collection is designed to have a unique profile for different foods, as well as to provide a distinctive customer experience.

PacknWood is one of the industry's leading suppliers of eco-friendly restaurant supplies. We use bamboo in our restaurant supplies because it is biodegradable and renewable. Bamboo grows much faster than other types of wood making it the perfect choice for high volume single-use restaurant supplies. Bamboo can also be used for food that is as cold as -5 degrees Celsius or as hot as 70 degrees Celsius, making it a versatile option for any restaurant service. Customers won’t feel bad about throwing them away since bamboo is renewable.

Bamboo serveware is ideal for catering and upscale events. The thick construction of these serveware pieces makes them sturdy and reliable. You won’t have to worry about them breaking like thinner, more flexible plastic utensils. Incorporating it into your catering and restaurant services is easy when you partner with PacknWood. Call our office at (201) 604-3840 or send us a message through our 24/7 chat service. Our catalog is full of environmentally-friendly products that can improve your restaurant’s catering and food services.

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500 pcs/case