Tasting Spoons One of the best ways to help your customers choose what food item they want is to provide samples. If you want to make a better first impression on your customers, choosing the right tasting spoons is critical. Most restaurants use the standard plastic tasting spoons that are made from traditional plastics are flimsy and hurt the environment. However, you can stand apart from every other restaurant by using eco-friendly tasting spoons that are made to a higher quality standard from recyclable materials.

PacknWood offers a collection of high-quality tasting spoons made from environmentally friendly materials. Our tasting spoons collection includes flat wooden ice cream spoons, curved wooden ice cream spoons, Bio ‘n’ Chic drop-shaped bowls, MAHAL black bamboo tear-shaped bowls, Tung bamboo mini spoons, Khlong bamboo spoons, bamboo leaf tasting spoons, bamboo mini dish/tasting spoons, Iwaki bamboo spoons, Phuket bamboo spoons, and regular bamboo spoons.

The collection also includes clear luxury knives, spoons, and forks made from eco-friendly plastic, as well as mini green transparent cutlery, Vaia clear green drop dishes, mini Chin porcelain spoons, mini Spoony porcelain spoons, and mini white porcelain spoons. If you prefer a wood option, we have several, including the mini wooden spoon and spork. All of these options are made from environmentally-friendly materials that are recyclable or biodegradable.

PacknWood is a leading provider of eco-friendly products for the food service industry. We use bamboo in many of our products because it is easily renewable and biodegradable. Our other materials, like porcelain, wood, and eco-friendly plastic, are recyclable and reusable, which lowers restaurant waste and costs. You can take advantage of our tasting spoons collection to improve your profit margins and attract an eco-conscious customer base.

Switching to eco-friendly tasting spoons is easy when you partner with PacknWood. Give our office a call at (201) 604-3840 or send us a message through our 24-hour chat service. We will help you find the right products from our catalog that will help you upgrade your restaurant and catering services.

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