Eco-friendly Bakery Boxes Bakeries do so well in the food service industry because everybody enjoys fresh bakery goods. Whether it is for dessert, breakfast, or lunch, baked goods always draw a crowd. Since it's highly likely that your customers will want to leave with delicious treats for later, you need high- quality packaging to ensure that those baked goods travel intact. PacknWood has a collection of eco-friendly bakery boxes that not only protect your food but also make it look more delicious.

The key to a good bakery box is how it looks. Our boxes are made from natural materials like wood, paper, and cardboard with many having windows so that customers can see what is inside as soon as it arrives. Our collection includes a variety of windowed baked goods containers that are designed to fit a variety of baked goods with clear or colored windows to highlight creative finishes. The container is as much part of the experience as the items inside.

Our collection also includes a variety of wooden trays, which are perfect for displaying or transporting large amounts of baked goods. Corporate and event caterers love them because they make it easy to position a large number of items in front of event attendees, and office workers use them when grabbing donuts or other baked goods for their friends at the office. The wood finish fits well with just about any type of baked good, giving it a more upscale look.

PacknWood is one of the leading providers of environmentally friendly single use restaurant supplies. Our trays and bakery boxes are designed to provide a high-quality experience for you and your customers while reducing the food service industry's impact on the environment. We partner with manufacturers to provide goods that use carbon neutral manufacturing methods and use sustainable materials.

If you run a catering service or bakery, add these bakery boxes to your restaurant supplies. Call our office at (201) 604-3840 or reach out to us through our 24-hour chat service. We'll get you in touch with one of our customer service representatives who can help you place an order for bakery boxes or any other product in our catalog that can help you create a memorable customer experience.

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