Eco-friendly Black Collection An upscale restaurant needs takeout boxes to match its elegant service design. Many upscale restaurants are also doing delivery orders so that customers can have a similar experience in the comfort of their own homes. Your restaurant can enhance your customer experience by packaging meals in elegant black containers.

PacknWood's black collection is made entirely out of eco-friendly materials but maintain high quality standards so that they are on par or better than standard alternatives. The collection includes square boxes, meal boxes, cones, dessert boxes, takeout boxes, casserole dishes, paper cups, small black pans, and square cups with a distinctive black finish. These boxes look radically different from standard boxes, which is what your customers expect from a high-end restaurant.

PacknWood is a leading provider of eco-friendly restaurant supplies. The black collection is made out of several renewable materials, including eco-friendly paper, PLA, and cardboard. The PLA used for the windowed boxes is made out of natural materials and is biodegradable. It will break down quickly so that it won’t be an ongoing problem for the environment.

We use high-grade eco-friendly paper that is made without harsh chemicals. PacknWood also works with manufacturers and suppliers that use carbon neutral manufacturing processes to reduce their carbon footprint. You can be a part of the growing movement toward eco-conscious restaurant supplies by switching to PacknWood's black collection.

Our catalog is full of eco-friendly restaurant supplies, like our black collection, that are better for the environment and can help you create a unique customer experience. To get some of the best eco-friendly restaurant supplies on the market, call our office at (201) 604-3840 or send us a message through our 24-hour chat system. We will help you get the right products for your restaurant services.

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