Eco-friendly Bento Boxes & VIP Sets Bento boxes have been a staple in food packaging in countries around the world for many years, but they are finally starting to find mainstream appeal with restaurants that need different takeout solutions. Bento boxes allow you to create a meal out of smaller components keeping them separated within the same container. Many people enjoy Bento box meals because they offer a lot of variety. PacknWood has eco-friendly single use Bento boxes and VIP sets, which you can use to create meals with a unique presentation while making them easier to deliver.

Single use Bento boxes are great for takeout and delivery orders. VIP sets can be used to create larger meals while keeping them in a single easy to transport container. Our Bento boxes and VIP sets are made using eco-friendly paper in many different configurations. You can fit several food items in different compartments as well as cutlery and sauces in a single Bento box. The VIP sets contain multiple compartments so that you can mix-and-match what food items are available. They are encased in a single outer container so that customers and delivery drivers only have one thing to carry.

PacknWood is a leading provider of eco-friendly single use restaurant supplies. We partner with manufacturers and suppliers to source materials and products made with carbon neutral manufacturing processes. This lowers our impact on the environment while allowing us to provide high quality and environmentally friendly products. Adding our eco-friendly Bento boxes and VIP sets to your takeout services will help you reduce your restaurant's impact on the environment.

Switching to PacknWood's eco-friendly restaurant supplies is easy. Just call us at (201) 604- 3840 or send a message to our 24-hour chat service. Our customer representatives will help you find the products they need from our catalog and place orders so that you can upgrade your restaurant services with eco-friendly restaurant supplies.

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