Eco-friendly Pick Displays Customers love to have a choice in their food options. While they always get to choose the food, they also like to have control over other aspects of the experience. For caterers, this can be an easy way to engage with event attendees by letting them choose the picks that use to hold their food. You can get an assortment of different picks with creative and practical designs. PacknWood has eco-friendly pick displays that you can use to display all of your picks and give your customers the ability to choose which ones they like best.

Our bamboo pick displays and holders are made using the same high-quality bamboo that we use to make our picks. Each holder has a unique design that fits with different artistic styles, catering designs, and functional uses. We have holders design for different types of pics as well. We have a small bamboo display for picks, as well as holders of different sizes up to 120 picks. Many of our pick displays are designed so that you can create longer displays by placing them side-by-side to get the exact number of pics that you want.

PacknWood is a leading supplier of eco-friendly restaurant supplies. We chose bamboo for eco- friendly pick displays because bamboo is just as durable as other types of wood but is much better for the environment. It is biodegradable, compostable, and harvested sustainably. Bamboo grows so quickly that you can be replenished in a fraction of the time it takes to regrow cut down trees. By choosing eco-friendly products made of bamboo, you can reduce your restaurant's impact on the environment.

Add these eco-friendly pick displays to your restaurant catering services to give your customers a higher quality experience. Getting these pick displays is as easy as calling us at (201) 604- 3840 or sending us a message through our 24 hour chat service. We have representatives standing by to help you find the right eco-friendly restaurant supplies for your services.

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10 pcs/case