Paper Straws
Fun colors and sizes all while being eco-friendly.
Hot Cups
Different colors and multiple sizes available, add on a lid and you have the perfect hot drink solution..

Cups & Straws For bars, wedding caterers, special event hosts, and restaurants, beverage sales can help boost profitability and customer value. With an increased focus and new legislation banning disposable plastic straws in several American cities, finding cost-effective, beautiful, and long term alternatives is critical. Fortunately, you won’t have to sacrifice function to comply with these new laws and trends.

PacknWood offers a full line of industry-leading eco-friendly alternatives for cups and straws. In addition to compostable paper straws and reusable straws diners love, we sell every type of cup you’ll ever need to keep up with whatever your business needs. This includes hot cups, soup cups, cold cups, portion cups, fry cups, and cocktail cups.

PacknWood is a leader in eco-friendly solutions in the food service space. We maintain our status as a CO2 Neutral Company and are active members of the International Caterers Association. In addition to cups and straws, we carry all of the green takeout packaging and catering products you may need to grow your business. We focus on carrying only the most beautiful and sustainable products on the market.

Based in New York City, our team is available to help answer any questions or provide any support you may need. We’re there to partner with your business as it grows and needs a larger assortment of eco friendly catering supplies. This is a different level of service than you could expect from an overseas supplier or a big box retailer. Check out our current catalog of cups, straws, and dinnerware, send us a message through our 24/7 chat, or give us a call at (201) 604-3840 for assistance.

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SKU #: 210GFY12
1000 pcs/case
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3000 pcs/case
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2000 pcs/case
SKU #: 210GPLA360
1000 pcs/case
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1000 pcs/case