Tasting Spoons

Spoons have been in use from the time of ancient Egyptians. They were made from all kinds of materials like wood, bone, bronze, silver and even gold! Spoons have been widely used for eating, stirring, mixing and serving food.

They come in all kinds of sizes and shapes, though all spoons have a shallow or deep bowl or head with a handle. The Chinese, Italian or Thai take-outs that are so popular also cause single use plastic cutlery to be thrown out in the billions. Most of these aren't recyclable and they just end up in landfills.

Using cutlery with compostable materials like sugarcane or cornstarch makes it easier on the environment. At PacknWood, we have Tasting Spoons made of different compostable materials like sugarcane, wood, PLA, bamboo, cornstarch, porcelain and so on. The different variety of spoons that we have are tasting spoons, Porcelain 'Spoony's, fork + knife cutlery kits, sporks, drop shaped spoons and so on.

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