Restaurants need cost-effective, attractive, and reliable plates for their in-house dining and takeout services. As the need for environmentally-friendly restaurant supplies increases, adding sugarcane plates to your selection of restaurant and catering supplies is an effective way to get ahead of competitors while complying with environmentally-conscious trends in the restaurant industry. 

Sugarcane plates are an effective alternative to single-use plates made from plastic or paper. Sugarcane is sturdy, lightweight, and environmentally-friendly. Plus, it leaves a good impression with patrons because of its clean aesthetic and noticeably different features than traditional plate materials.  

PacknWood offers a sugarcane plate collection that includes three compartment sugarcane plates, square brown sugarcane plates, rectangular brown sugarcane plates, square white sugarcane plates, mini sugarcane plates, and rectangle sugarcane plates. When you switch to sugarcane plates, you can switch all of your single-use restaurant supplies to sugarcane. PacknWood has round sugarcane bowls, square sugarcane salad bowls, sugarcane bowls of various sizes up to 82oz, sugarcane soup and ice cream bowls, brown pulp brown sugarcane rectangular containers, oval sugarcane bowls, egg shaped sugarcane dishes, drop shaped sugarcane dishes, mini sugarcane dishes, and sugarcane salad bowls. 

Switch to PacknWood’s sugarcane plates and other sugarcane catering supplies to differentiate your catering services from your competitors. These sugarcane plates offer reliably sturdy and consistent quality while changing the overall design aesthetic of your services. Customers appreciate the clean and sophisticated look of sugarcane, as well as the added durability that these plates provide. Contact us at (201) 604-3840 or try our 24/7 chat service to get help finding and ordering the PacknWood products that fit your services best. 

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